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About us

We are digital creative agency with focus on brand & identity design. We craft products with attention on every detail, which means seamless experience to your customers.

Design & graphic

At STAZU we are passionate about design. From our offices, we deliver a range of creative services to clients locally, regionally and nationally.

Print & creative communication

Our services include production of advertising, digital and large format printing, car wrapping, production of 3D lettering, engraving and more.

Payper Wear

We are a distributor of Payper Wear, exclusive clothing brand which can be styled and imprinted directly to your needs. You can download catalogue here.


Responsive design

Serving the needs of mobile and desktop users.

10-color large format printing

Billboards, banners, foils, car wrapping, customized printing.

Production of 3D advertising

Lettering, 3D logos, decoration, polystyrene logo and more.

Full color digital textile printing

Digital printing of white, colored or black textile.


Custom promotional items made by using laser.

Sales of custom-printed textile

Unique base textile Payper Wear and related services.